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My Shaklee Story

Customer Service Means Everything!

In 1997 our oldest daughter became very ill and was diagnosed with Asthma.  Not unheard of at the age of 2 but scary for sure.  I tried everything I could to get rid of dust, kept the house really clean and nothing seemed to be working.


I was looking through the newspapers one day and found my friend Donna Lee her products and phone number. Back in the day it was not web based.  She started talking to me about the cleaning products and vitamins and gave me some small bottles (samples) to try them out. I would pop over to her house and chat learning about the products more and more each time.  Being skeptical but anxious to find a solution to our health issues we tried the toxic-free and economical products.


Well almost 14 years later we are still using the products and love them. Our daughter is doing great and when our second daughter came along we knew right away that we had done the right thing.  Neither one of them has had any major attacks for years now.


I started talking to people and thru some trial and error learned how to demonstrate the product and get rewarded from our supplier.  Some co-workers and friends became consumers and others wanted to learn what I do. 

 I love getting my bonus cheque every month by just helping others feel better and love life again. 


I have started over again in a different province and now that we have the power of the internet my customers follow with me even though most still live in British Columbia.  Love that I can get everything they need and do so from my own home miles away.     


In 2010 Donna Lee again told me about this online home business educational program. By this time we had moved to Kingston Ontario 5000 km away from my customers.  My husband was recovering from a heart attack and we needed another way to generate even more bonuses.  He was my part time vitamin guy and now is a dedicated believer in the quality of our products.

I looked it over and started to learn the process and realized that this is something I could do easily and with confidence.

I will be honest here though I was skeptical again and have taken baby steps in jumping in to the online world of the home based business.


I went thru the evaluation with her and the step by step method makes so much sense.  The system is easy to follow and even my daughters 16 and 18 would sit and watch the movies with me and learn as well.


I started all over again in a different province in 2008 and now that we have the power of the Internet my customers are a click away even though most still live in British Columbia and Kingston of course.  I Love that I can get everything I need done at home and help others do what I now love to do!


Thank you for visiting our website! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Sheila and Bill Hiltz